Dollar Appreciates on Better Economic News

U.S. dollarThe U.S. dollar continued to gain today after the yesterday’s rather significant rally as the speculations that the world’s biggest economy is soon to leave its recession period arise.

Won Once Again Leads in Gain in Asia

South Korean wonThe Korean won advanced at a fastest pace among the most-traded Asian currencies today as the risk-aversion that prevailed earlier this week ended unexpectedly and the outlooks for the Asian emerging economies improved.

Yen and Dollar Continue Their Advancement

Japanese yenBoth the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen continued their growth on the Forex market today as the yesterday’s stock trading sessions were negative and today’s Asian session ended in the red zone.

Japanese Yen Performs on Stocks Slump

Japanese yenThe Japanese currency rose from the local bottom levels against all other major currencies today after the stock markets fell yesterday and the outlook for today’s sessions remain bearish.

NZD Reaches Highest since Early January

New Zealand dollarThe New Zealand dollar rose to the highest level since early January 2009 today, backed by the support from the continuously growing emerging and developed stock markets.

KRW Falls as Government Cools Optimism

South Korean wonThe South Korean won declined today against the U.S. dollar after rising for the whole week after the country’s government said that the current investors’ outlook for the economy are too optimistic.

Pound Gains as House Prices Rise

Great Britain poundThe British pound rose today against the other major currencies as the house prices demonstrated growth for the first time since October 2007 in United Kingdom this

Euro Declines on Unemployment Report

EuroThe single European currency declined today to the levels close to its 2-week low before and after the report on Eurozone February unemployment negatively surprised the traders.

Yen Heads for Biggest Quarterly Loss in Years

Japanese yenThe Japanese yen declined today against the other major currencies as the stock markets corrected after the yesterday’s fall and the yen became too overbought.

Yen Gains as World Economy Outlook Worsens

Japanese yenThe Japanese yen rose against all other major currencies today as the traders reacted on the possible bankruptcy of the U.S. automakers and the global optimism for the emerging stock markets and the high-yielding currencies declined.